Washington Dekretet
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The Washington Decree

Washington Dekretet

Jussi Adler-Olsen

A horrible assassination attempt on the night of the American presidential election kills the wife of the Democratic frontrunner, governor Bruce Jansen. Suddenly, the US is in a position where its new president will do whatever it takes to change the American society - immediately and at any cost.

Doggie Rogers, the governor’s trusted employee, is in the middle of it all when Jansen’s controversial decree, cancelling American citizen’s constitutional rights, is passed and all hell breaks loose. Soon Doggie’s world is turned upside down: Her father is sentenced to death for the assassination of the president’s wife. Society is in a state of emergency and soldiers in the streets are violently fighting disobedient citizens. Doggie feels powerless against terrifying superiority, but her friends decide to help her. Læs mere
Pages: 640
Publication Date: 04. Mar 2011

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Indisputable bestseller potential … everything the heart desires regarding speed and action
Jussi Adler-Olsen has written an extraordinarily successful inch-thick thriller captivating the readers untill the last page is wearily turned and chiselling the experiment of thoughts into your consciousness... He is the closest we get to a fully mature international thriller writer
Q Magazine
This book is so exciting, breathless and gripping that I simply was not available in the two days it took to swallow it. Sublime reading!