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The World's Best Diet

Verdens bedste kur

Arne Astrup, Christian Bitz

Information from Diogenes, the world’s largest scientific research project in diet and weight loss, which was headed by Arne Astrup, forms the basis of the dietary principles and recipes in the book. It will help the reader shed all those unwanted pounds and never put them on again.

The unique programme is based on the Nordic cuisine and begins with a detailed four-week meal plan, which guarantees a weight loss of 1-2 kilos a week. After the initial four weeks, you move on to phase two where you cook delicious meals based on the 80 healthy and delicious recipes in the book, designed to help you lose extra weight. Phase two is the lasting lifestyle change, which is essential to a successful and enduring weight loss.

The World’s Best Diet is based on very simple principles with documented effect. So you don’t have to worry about calories, extreme nutritional advice or strange foods. You just have to enjoy tasty food, which will make your entire family healthier and slimmer.

A book full of balanced facts, and with many juicy recipes this is a healthy weight loss-bible.

Nutritional-experts Christian Bitz and Professor Arne Astrup are two of Denmark’s most experienced experts in the field of weight loss.
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Pages: 256
Release Date: 2012

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