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Jesper Stein

Unrest is a realistic police detective novel, set in 2007, in the week after the eviction of The Youth House, a building which functioned as a home for the underground scene for music and also as rendezvous point for various autonomen and leftist groups in Copenhagen’s toughest district, Nørrebro. The eviction led to the worst street fighting in Copenhagen in modern times. The cast is drawn from Nørrebro’s multicultural and alternative scenes, major criminal gangs, the far-left autonomist scene and the area’s tens of thousands of ordinary residents.

The protagonist is a 37-year-old detective superintendent, Axel Steen, who is investigating the murder of an unidentified man, which may be linked to the demolition of the Youth House. He soon finds out that a lot of people, both inside the police and outside, have an interest in the case – and in preventing it being solved. It is a book about a man undergoing a crisis in his personal life, who thrives on cases where nothing is as it seems. He never stops until the truth is revealed. This has implications for everybody – in this case, particularly for Axel himself.

For all the readers who misses "The Killing", Unrest is the answer.
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Pages: 312
Publication Date: 21. Jun 2012

Rights sold to
CZECH REPUBLIC / Brana Publishing
FRANCE / Piranha
GERMANY / Kiepenheuer & Witsch
ICELAND / Draumsyn
ITALY / Marsilio
NORWAY / Schibsted
POLAND / Helion
SWEDEN / Norstedts

-  Nordjyske Stiftstidende
-  Børsen
[...] a riveting and believable plot delivered with real professionalism
-  Jyllands-Posten
[...] merciless descriptions of cruel acts are glaringly and beautifully contrasted by the glimpses of poetic descriptions of the city of Copenhagen
-  Berlingske Tidende
The story and the plot works, the characters are more nuanced than is otherwise seen in most crime novels, and finally this book not only delivers suspense but also entertaining and intelligent social criticism
Flensborg Newspaper
There should be plenty of meat left on this bone for a second round with Axel. Maybe Jesper Stein is even to be seen as a ’rival’ to Jussi Adler-Olsen?
He can write up a storm and if he continues as he has started then we now have a new crime novelist solidly placed within the big leagues