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Christian Bitz

Are you dreaming of healthy eating habits, long runs in the woods, well-behaved children you have time and energy to be with? Are you dreaming of the perfect life? Then you might as well stop ... because as the author puts it: how wonderful is it really to be absolutely perfect? Imperfection does away with the myth of the perfect life and offers a realistic guide to a life without guilt and unattainable goals.

Christian Bitz pinpoints some of the most obvious questions that do not necessarily come with obvious answers: What is health? How healthy would you like to be? How to get started? And then, once and for all, he tells you how to keep your spirits up, reach your goals and to be happy being imperfect! He provides an honest insight into his life and describes how he himself struggles to balance work, privacy and “skyr” – the Icelandic product which all nutritionists recommend these days. And he explains why and how he himself prioritizes health, but at the same time keeps scores, so nothing is off-limits. Læs mere
Pages: 368
Publication Date: 25. Sep 2014

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