Tøselus og vinkeflæsk
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Cooties and Bingowings

Tøselus og vinkeflæsk

Lars Daneskov

Anton’s mother is starting to get wrinkles. And her upper-underarm is starting to jiggle so it looks just like the dough Pappa throws when making pizza.

All in all, Mum is aware, she is not twenty any more, she says, and although Anton is not quite sure how old she really is, he is sure about one thing: Wrinkles are dangerous. Very dangerous. In fact, they are the worst and most dangerous thing that can happen to ladies.

Anton and his best friend Molly set up a plan so Mum will definitely not get old. But those kinds of things are not always easy to go about, and they will need a pair of cucumber glasses, a hat of cauliflower, an Egyptian cocoa bath, the arm of the statue cream king Walter Flottenheimer has and not least the clothesline with all the handkerchiefs from the man with the world’s worst cold. And they need it soon – before everything goes from bad to worse.

Cooties and Bingowings is the second book in the Cheese-series and can be read as an independent sequel to Faith, Hope and Gorgonzola.

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Pages: 152
Release Date: 2014
Illustrator: Pernille Lykkegård

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-  Ekstra Bladet
Anton and Molly’s struggle to help Anton’s mother, partly with her cheese shop, partly with Pappa, is so divine that everybody will chuckle! It is certainly on par with the first book "Faith, Hope and Gorgonzola", so once again this is family entertainment at a high level
Vita, 9 years old
The best thing was when they replaced the glasses in Mum’s spectacles with cucumbers ... I think you should read the book, because it is exciting, it is fun and it is a bit like a fairy tale