Suveræne salater året rundt
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Spectacular salads all year round

Suveræne salater året rundt

Tina Scheftelowitz

Tina Scheftelowitz invented the concept of Spectacular Salads 15 years ago, together with Sonja Bock. Together they made Danes eat more vegetables years before it became hip to do so. Their popular Spectacular Salads-books have sold hundreds of thousands copies, and along with their other cookbooks have been such an inspiration that their fantastic recipes have become classics in many Danish homes.

Just as new exciting products keep on being introduced, a steadily increasing awareness of the benefits of eating in accordance with the seasons and eating more vegetables is growing.

With her 90 new spectacular and easy recipes Tina puts Scandinavian vegetables and fruits to the forefront – without excluding all the goodness that comes from abroad, such as aubergine or mango. She emphasises which vegetables are at their ripest and most flavourful for each season, and makes it easy for you to remember.

The recipes include all kinds of salads; crunchy salads, creamy salads, green salads, baked salads, snack salads, filling salads, cold salads and warm salads, salads with and without meat and fish, as well as other ideas for healthy side dishes from the oven or the stove.

The book ensures a continuous influx of inspiration and healthy solutions for regular meals, party dinners and celebrations all year round. Spectacular Salads All Year Round is a joy and a relief to have in your kitchen.
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Pages: 200
Release Date: 2012

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