Sunde salater
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Super Salads

Sunde salater

151 salater der smager og mætter

Anne Hjernøe

New inspiration and not too many calories. That is the basic idea behind this inviting cookbook. Classic and non-traditional salad ingredients have been put together criss-crossing to serve 151 recipes for the most delicious hot and cold salads. They come either with or without meat, so they can be a complete and healthy meal filled with important vitamins and proteins, vitamin-filled fixing, or work as part of a larger meal of several small dishes.

Thanks to Anne Hjernøe’s many culinary travels there are both Danish and Nordic-inspired salads – and just as many with a Southern, Asian or Latin American influence in ingredients and taste. With Super Salads there are plenty of easily accessible opportunities to try new dishes while staying healthy. Læs mere
Pages: 264
Publication Date: 16. Jun 2014

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