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The Stoneage Diet


Palæoopskrifter til det moderne menneske

Thomas Rode Andersen

Gourmet chef Thomas Rode tells about the changes in his diet, where he has given up pasta, rice, wheat, and sugar in favour of the caveman diet. As a result his wobbly bits have disappeared, his muscles are more toned, and he has enough energy to work 14 hours a day without getting exhausted …

The book contains over 80 recipes; all structured on the principles of the Stoneage Diet also known as the Paleolithic Diet. This is food free from artificial preservatives, cooked with modern techniques, and with flavours that delight the modern palate.

The recipes’ primary ingredients are meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, fruits, berries, and nuts. All of which is natural and healthy food that our bodies are designed to eat.

The book also contains the author’s best tips for physical training, a section explaining why this form of diet is so healthy, and the possibility to try it out and experience for yourself the brilliant difference it makes for you and your body.
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Pages: 256
Publication Date: 25. Aug 2014

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Appetizing and inviting recipes
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An eye-opener that provides inspiration, food for the brain and appeals to the aesthetic sense as it is truly a pleasure … a rarely found inspirational cookbook for anyone with an interest in healthy ingredients