Spanish Wine

Spansk vin

Thomas Rydberg

Spain is one of Europe’s leading wine producing countries, and over the last 10-15 years wine production in Spain has been modernized. This has changed the character of the wines from the heavy, dusty Rioja wines into modern and exciting wines that easily compete with the best wines from around the world. Many wine enthusiasts have spotted the famous wines from producers in Ribera del Duero, Priorat and Rioja, but there are even more top wines from Spanish wineries in the many new and exciting wine regions.

Spanish Wine is a solid reference book with a brief introduction to the Spanish wines including history and an analysis of the Spanish Wine Law, most common grapes and the wine production.

The main part of the book covers the areas of Galicia, Catalonia, Castille-Leon, northern Spain, central Spain, the Levant and Andalusia and the islands with a total of 69 additional districts. Each district is described in detail with regard to the area and the wine characteristics, the climate, and with a presentation of the best producers. Furthermore, there is a description of some of the most prominent wine personalities such as Alvaro Palacio, Peter Sisseck, Miguel Torres and Telmo Rodriguez.

The book also contains rankings of the 100 best Spanish wines focusing on the very best, the different vintages and map of all the areas.
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Pages: 336
Publication Date: 11. Nov 2014

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Spansk vin
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