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Black dawn

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Thomas Rathsack

A professor of microbiology from Denmark and his daughter perish during a diving holiday in northern Kenya near the border to Somalia. By chance, the Danish defence intelligence service discovers the pair may still be alive. It appears a group of terrorists from Al Qaeda and their allies from the Somali terrorist organisation Al Shabaab have kidnapped the father and daughter and hidden them in an unknown location in Somalia. The terrorists force the professor to produce a bio-terror bomb containing a lethal virus to be released in a western city. Thousands of lives are in danger and panic starts rising in the intelligence services of Denmark and other states.

Danish Special Forces soldier Michael Plessner and his team of handpicked commandos are tasked with freeing the Danish hostages and preventing Al Qaeda and Al Shabaab from carrying out the planned terrorist activity. In a frantic race against time, Plessner and his men infiltrate deep within Somali territory with help from a local militia. Plessner comes face to face with his archenemy, the high-ranking Al Qaeda leader Mohammed Jamal Azzam. At the same time, the fate of the two missing Danes unravels. One of them, it turns out, has a most surprising part to play in a cynical, calculated conspiracy.

Black Dawn is the second book in the series about Michael Plessner and his team, following the hugely succesful publication of Shadow Army in 2011.
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Pages: 338
Publication Date: 22. Oct 2013
Illustrator: Mads Pedersen

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