Skyhøj forbrænding
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Sky-high metabolism

Skyhøj forbrænding

Anna Bogdanova

A 7-week everyday tested plan for smooth metabolism, stress-less body and curves like an hourglass

4x15 minutes of exercise a week is enough!
  • Do you have trouble keeping weight?
  • Does your body withstand your attempts to become stronger and leaner?
  • Do you lack the energy to exercise or overcome little things in everyday life?

This book will test your body’s ability to metabolize and lead you through a 7 week course which kick-starts your metabolism and boosts your combustion. Once your combustion is flexible and to the max, you breeze through the rest of the course , throwing away excess pounds and get in shape. Without limits to your food nor by militaristic training.

In 7 weeks, you will bring your body to a balance where it easily burns off fat. By adjusting your diet, training and your restitution, you and your body will work together. Energy and vitality to the max!
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Pages: 216
Publication Date: 15. May 2014

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