Shadow Army
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Shadow Army

Shadow Army

Thomas Rathsack

During a terrorist attack on the Danish Embassy in Islamabad, eleven people are killed, including the ambassador and an American colonel. The attack was planned and carried out by Al Qaeda’s elite force, known as the Shadow Army, led by top terrorist Mohammed Jamal Azzam.

Three patrols from the Danish commando corps are inserted into the secret, American-led Task Force Black, whose mission is to eliminate high-ranking members of Al Qaeda. The elite Danish soldiers prepare for an operation in the impassable mountain area between Afghanistan and Pakistan with the intention of getting to Mohammed Jamal Azzam. But Al Qaeda proves to be stronger than anticipated; a violent firefight results, and several commandos are killed.

The 34-year-old commando Michael Plessner is badly wounded and barely manages to escape. A couple of days later a 14-year-old Afghan boy finds Plessner unconscious and brings the soldier to his village. There he is accepted into the local tribal culture, which means that the villagers will protect him — with their own lives, if necessary.

But rumors begin to spread that Plessner is hiding in the village, and the Al Qaeda cell comes back in an attempt to capture and behead him. Another bloody confrontation occurs, followed by a desperate flight through the desolate mountains.

The novel presents a detailed account of the commandos’ lives and the circumstances they encounter in the field. It also describes the advanced equipment at their disposal, which makes it possible for them to wage the battle against Al Qaeda units, which use bribes and threats so they can operate under the cover of the local populace and the pashas. The book offers insight into tribal cultures and local conditions in a country at war.

The story is based on the real-life bombing of the Danish Embassy, which took place in June 2008.

Shadow Army is Thomas Rathsack’s debut as a novelist. The book follows in the international tradition of thrillers about elite commandos carrying out dangerous operations. It is the first volume in a series with the commando Michael Plessner as the main character.
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Pages: 234
Publication Date: 19. Sep 2011

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Shadow Army
Første bind i en serie med jægersoldaten Michael Plessner som hovedperson.Thomas Rathsack skriver sig direkte ind i en international tradition for thrillere, som handler om elitesoldater på skarpe operationer.