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Sund, stærk og slank med 80 nemme opskrifter

Pia Andreassen

Enjoy a protein rich diet and gain a higher metabolism, a steady level in blood sugar and a greater and longer-lasting satiety. This means a stable weight and firmer muscles; smoother skin as well as strong hair and nails.

In Protein, there are answers to everything from how much protein we need, and where the best sources of protein is to what exactly it is protein does to the body. There are also proposals for 5 or 10 day efficient efforts for those who need a quick response.

The 80 recipes make it easy to prepare delicious, tasty and protein-style dishes. None of the recipes contains white bread, potatoes, rice or pasta and there is almost no sugar. Most of them are well-known favorites simply combined with new ingredients, so there is more protein, less carbohydrate and a larger amount of healthy fats as well as dietary fibers. Læs mere
Pages: 176
Publication Date: 20. Aug 2014

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