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Thilde Jo Maarbjerg, Thomas Rode Andersen

In this sequel to the bestseller The Stoneage Diet, Thomas Rode Andersen and his wife Thilde Jo Maarbjerg give readers a scientific explanation why the Paleo Diet suits the human body. And why it helps our bodies function optimally.

The point of the Paleo Diet is all about skipping the modern eating habits that ruin our bodies, and instead focus on healthy, natural food with the right balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

The book contains 87 new recipes for everyday cooking as well as for dinner parties. The dishes are based on meat, fruit and vegetables, designed to keep you healthy, active, beautiful and vigorous. Advice is also given about where, when and how much to exercise to strengthen every part of the body while avoiding strain and injuries. Læs mere
Pages: 248
Publication Date: 03. Oct 2013

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NORWAY / Lille Måne
Another inspiring book with super masculine and not least accessible recipes ... the cookbook in itself is beautiful and very thorough
With a book like Paleo at hand, it is a lot easier to eat appropriately – also for those of us who do not swear by the Paleo Diet
Pendler-buttet eller palæo-fit?
I form på farten -- palæo-træning for pendlere med Thomas Rode Andersen og Thilde Maarbjerg. "Hold dig stærk, sund og rask hele livet med stenalderkost og crossfit-træning"-- det er rådet fra gourmetkok og stenalderkost-frontløber Thomas Rode Andersen og hans frue, Thilde Maarbjerg, i deres nye koge - og træningsbog 'Palæo - stenalderkost og træning'. Read more