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Morten Sabroe

John William Harding returns to his hometown Os to reconcile with his brother, who he failed miserably and deserted ten years ago. His daughter Jackie longingly awaits the return of Robert who has lost both his legs as a soldier in Afghanistan, and whom the town is preparing to welcome home as a hero at the train station in Os. But Robert is not on the train, and as a result, the fragile foundations the town rests on begins to crumble, and the dark secrets buried beneath it begins emerge.

“It started with that TV-reporter lady that asked Harding about the missing girls. Then there were the photos of the baby that someone put up all over town. In the photo the baby was smiling and its eyes were open, it looked alive. But we were many that thought that that couldn’t be right. That something terrible had happened, because it wasn’t alive, you see. And then when that thing happened to Harding and the others, people got scared. Whoever did that, had to be seriously twisted. You didn’t know whether someone like that would completely lose it and take it out on even more people. And then it was like a cattle stampede. You know, if one gets spooked and runs away in a blind panic, the rest will just follow. Why the hell isn’t this traffic moving? We’ve been stuck here for five hours, has there been an accident further up the road? Is that it? Or is it that soldier with no legs who’s up there stopping all the cars? Is it? Is it him?”
Citizen trying to leave Os talking to the TV-News, July 22nd 2011
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Pages: 364
Publication Date: 08. May 2013

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Weekendavisen, Kristian Ditlev Jensen
Morten Sabroe’s novel is bloody good, almost movielike literature that cartoonishly plays with the cultural symbols of the Western world … The characters live and breathe as if they were moving images on a movie reel
Jyllands-Posten, Niels Lillelund
Present are the crescendos bursting with energy, which are always to be found in Sabroe’s prose … Then there is the sex and lasciviousness, powerful men throwing spectacular parties, while their cheating and subdued wives read "The Great Gatsby" in their boudoirs, hate and revenge – and love
Nordjyske Stiftstidende, Jens Henneberg
The novel is a tour de force, like an American skyscraper … A multifaceted thriller of rare quality
Politiken, Lillian Munk Rösing
This critical satire Sabroe mixes with a melodramatic and violent thriller about fraternal rifts, fatherly failures, vigilantism, destruction of the male, and sex at the inappropriate time and place
Jyske Medier, Arne Mariager
A formidable novel. A story that oozes of suspense and drama … "Us" is a contemporary novel, unravelling the life we strive for and the dreams we have … There is plenty of humour in the novel since Sabroe possesses the gift of wittiness