Orkansæsonen og stilheden
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Hurricane Season and Silence

Orkansæsonen og stilheden

Anne-Cathrine Riebnitzsky

When Beate wakes up in the morning, she turns towards the empty space in bed beside her, slowly remembering that Thomas is really dead. Her sense of loss floods back, hitting her so hard that she’s almost pinned to the mattress. 
She pulls herself together before she goes into the office and focuses on her job as a defence lawyer.

Her close friend Monica is a rather unusual priest, outspoken and with a no-nonsense approach to the parishioners who seek her advice. Monica travels to Guatemala, where she meets a mafioso, a Guatemalan teenage girl who grew up in a children’s home, and a young pot dealer whom Beate also encounters in her capacity as a lawyer.

The book follows the two women as they weave in and out of people’s lives, grappling with issues of faith, justice, vigilantism, sorrow, infatuation, forgiveness of murder and – greatest of all – love.
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Pages: 346
Release Date: 2016

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NORWAY / Font Forlag
-  Jyllands-Posten
Wide-ranging, intelligent and deeply satisfying ... a Danish novel that grapples our basic existence constructively and intelligently. As it also offers the kind of reading experience that captures the reader completely into an immersive reading experience, this critic will award it with maximum grades. Read more
-  Alt For Damerne
A narrator of the greatest sort. Totally elegantly and effortlessly she weaves a riveting story together over a very varied gallery ... Thank you for reading experience.
-  Ekstra Bladet
A subtle page turner that embraces both the human side as well as the pompous. Bound together by faith, hope and love, without preaching, although Riebnitzsky is something as rare as a contemporary writer with a moral.
-  Kristeligt Dagblad
It is an excellently composed novel. It is beautifully polyphonic and like nothing you have read before.
-  Berlingske Tidende
Byzantine and vibrant, light and playful. A feel-good novel with meaning. A strangely quiet literary cyclone.
-  Politiken
There are plenty of discussion material in Riebnitzsky’s novel which narrative plot is that you are responsible for your own life.
-  Børsen
A distinctive feature is Riebnitzsky’s benevolent view on people she writes about ... stories about " Monika the Hurricane" and the people she touches on her way, both gifted and empathetic.
As you can see, this is such a novel, one never thought anyone would write again, with all the qualities that characterize the classic, great novel tradition. If Riebnitzsky wrote on a more widely used language than Danish, this book would make her a major celebrity. We really do hope that this convincing essay, will go far beyond this country’s borders (...) It is great art. Read more