Ned i vægt med LCHF
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Slimming with LCHF

Ned i vægt med LCHF

Diana Kaiser

Slimming with LCHF is for all women and men who are eager to lose weight, but are looking for a diet where shedding pounds feels easy. The book offers practical advice on how to achieve an effective weight loss by eating a diet low in carbohydrates and with fat in filling amounts and how to turn LCHF into a lifestyle.

The LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) diet is a huge success. The basic principle behind it is to avoid food that is rich on carbohydrates and with a low level of natural fats. The food pyramid, as we know it traditionally, has been turned upside down. The ­principle is instead to eat lots of proteins, heaps of vegetables, natural fats from meat, butter, oils and full fat dairy products supplemented with small quantities of nuts and berries – while at the same time eating less bread, pasta, rice and so forth. Eating LCHF gives you the chance to eat your fill of delicious food while gaining a new, healthy lifestyle with the added benefit of a more vigorous feeling and greater well-being. Læs mere
Pages: 168
Publication Date: 22. Aug 2014

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