Miraklet i LEGO
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The LEGO Miracle

Miraklet i LEGO

Niels Lunde

The LEGO Miracle tells the incredible story of a world-famous Danish company that managed to haul itself back from the brink of collapse and which is now even more successful than before.

It is the story of the owner’s son Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, who turned LEGO into a booming success while fighting his father for control of the company.

It is the story of his lifelong ambition to lift the business to serve a higher purpose. And about his painful defeat when LEGO was struck by a life-threatening crisis and he had to surrender the reins to the 35-year-old Jørgen Vig Knudstorp.

It is also the story about this young executive who understood, that the only way he could rescue LEGO was to dig deep into the soul of the business and find the answer to the crucial question: why does LEGO exist? He accomplished that feat and LEGO’s so-called ‘turn around’ has attracted international attention.

The book also unveils some of LEGO’s projects for the future, where the company wants to achieve what Apple achieved in the world of electronic devices: revolutionize how we look at children’s play and learning.

The book is written by Niels Lunde, Editor-inchief for the buisness newspaper Børsen, who has carried out over a hundred interviews with key figures in and outside of LEGO.
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Pages: 312
Publication Date: 18. Sep 2012

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POLAND / Agora publishing group
... a brilliant induction into the story. It is corporate history, but also corporate analysis at its best. Very well written, very vivid and competent analysis and description
Berlingske Business
Niels Lunde outdoes himself with "The Lego Miracle". It is one of the most exciting and insightful Danish business books written in a very long time. And "The Lego Miracle" is therefore a book that goes deeper than the ordinary biographies about top executives and corporations
This book is a tour-de-force! Niels Lunde has done an enormous amount of research and has written a brilliant book
An exciting examination of the recent history of LEGO