Min mund er lukket
Læs uddrag
My Lips are Sealed

Min mund er lukket

Eva Maria Fredensborg

Was it loneliness that drove a female translator to take her own life or was someone literally leading her hand?

A strange post-it note on the fridge, a neighbour calling early in the morning, and a bracelet that does not fit with the smock and the cut-off rubber boots. Asta Qvist is convinced that Hannah Lundgren did not commit suicide, and when Robert Strand is put on the case, it turns out that Asta has had good reason to doubt the police findings.

Number two in the series on Asta Qvist and Robert Strand.
Pages: 352
Publication Date: 01. Sep 2014

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-  Politiken
Captivating read ... a solid thriller that keeps its reader engaged and thinking
Great work by the eloquent Eva Maria Fredensborg
ALT for Damerne
If you liked the predecessor, there are plenty of good reasons to read this sequel!