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Katrine Klinken

A basic cook book with more than 500 recipes. The book is divided into six chapters, each covering two months of the year, all of them containing every meal of the day, from morning to evening and different ways of getting together around food. The recipes range from the simple to the more complex and cover many different types of ingredients, essential techniques and different seasonings. It contains advice on combinations of dishes and how to plan a menu, as well as practical suggestions for what to drink with the different dishes.

Finally the book advocates the use of good produce. Cooking with good seasonal produce, preferably organic and maybe even bought from small local farmers, is the best guarantee of a good meal.

This is a cook book for anyone who wants to cook and eat well at home with suggestions for all the meals of the day and with good variation for all of the year – as well for everyday suppers for special occasions and traditional feasts.
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Pages: 576
Release Date: 2012

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