The Man In The Lighthouse

Logbog fra et livsforlis

Erik Valeur

In a white lighthouse that for centuries has seen ships founder and sailors drown in the sea – a sea known for generations as the ‘Depths of Hell’ – lives a man with a peculiar secret. As he broods over his shipwrecked life, an old woman disappears from a prestigious care home in one of the country’s wealthiest districts. And this isn’t just any old woman. It is the Widow, mother to two of the nation’s most powerful men: the prime minister and the secratary of justice.

The police find a number of clues in the Widow’s room that further their investigation into the missing woman, and as the evidence mounts up it becomes clear that the reason for her disappearance lies many decades in the past: something happened when her sons were children, living on the same street as a group of five friends. One of them was the man in the lighthouse, and it emerges that what happened to him and his classmates back then is inextricably linked to the drama unfolding in the present.

The Man In The Lighthouse is a fable, a chronicle of our age and a thriller all rolled into one. It is about children who grow up with idiosyncrasies that are impossible to escape; about spirits, death and the universe; about powerful politicians, management gurus and media stars; and about the secrets all of us try to hide from ourselves – and from each other.
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Pages: 442
Publication Date: 26. Sep 2015

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-  Berlingske, Niels Houkjær
The prize-winning journalist Erik Valeur who four years ago had his breakthrough as an award-winning fiction writer with “The Seventh Child” has done it again … Apart from the highly packed and elementary tension in the book, which guarantees an excellent reading cadence and appetite, the author clearly enjoys – and with him the reader – the persiflage even when he mocks the media’s management-journalism, the psychiatrics’ feel-good movement, the hypocrisy of power and all sorts of political nonsense in the ruling classes. It’s satire of the finest kind. Read more
-  Nordjyske Stifttidende , Jens Henneberg
What talent! The Danish literature blooms strange and large flowers at the moment … Grand both in construction and execution … There are many strings and many mysteries in this imaginative and fantastic novel with an extraordinary long and disciplined tension span which is not definitively resolved until the very end. Everywhere, you feel the experienced writer who manages to maintain the artistic feel all the way through the book because of the episodes that vibrate life and feeling. The caricatures are throughout the novel so clear and sharp that you surrender yourself to their accentuation and enlargement also because they are so dense and illuminated and raised above reality, straight into the truthful insanity of poetry. Read more
-  Jyske Vestkysten
Along the way, The Man in the Lighthouse changes time and place frequently—and refreshingly. The past leaves inescapable traces, recalling the childhood that gives life—and the story—direction and consistency.
-  Politiken
With conspiratorial fantasy and a keen eye for what is false and hypocritical, Valeur once again exposes society’s powers-that-be and, not least of all, his own generation’s turncoats.
Kristeligt Dagblad, Svend Skriver
The new psychological contemporary novel from the prize-winning Erik Valeur is entertaining and relevant … Crisp and touching prose. Valeur can really write … This is Valeur the social critic—at his very best., Isabel Rosado
The Man In The Lighthouse is a terrific novel, which for my sake may take the prize for this year’s Danish masterpiece. A contemporary novel, a fable and thriller all in one with a lot on mind. ... He manages to create a story from the grey duck pond, which have the same magical effect as a South American steaming jungle and even with a supernatural layer, which convinces the reader in all its simplicity. What some readers may lack in rumpus, speed, chilling suspense, blood, violence, unpredictable plot twists and surprises in this genius novel, we, who love a well-told story, will be highly compensated by the depth and wisdom which makes the heart bleed all by itself. Read more
Lokalavisen Frederiksberg
We dig into the past, skeletons tumble out, and eventually everything falls into place in Valeur’s vice-like grip. Impressive, entertaining and thought-provoking!
The journalist Erik Valeur has done it again: written a book that keeps you awake at night. Following his successful debut, The Seventh Child, Valeur has once again created a novel so exciting in plot and character development that it’s impossible to put down … A gifted tale—more exciting for readers at every turn. Read more
Everything flows exactly as it should. Many of the characters are humorous, scenes are poetic, and personalities are decidedly quirky. And the varied elements of social and contemporary criticism that are inserted throughout are delightfully irreconcilable.
Erik Valeur om sin barndom
Erik Valeurs nye roman Logbog fra et livsforlis foregår blandt andet på Sjællands vestligste punkt ved Røsnæs fyr. Det gør den, fordi Erik selv har haft et stærkt forhold til Røsnæs siden sin barndom, som vækker stærke minder. Hør her hvorfor.
Erik Valeur læser op
Erik Valeurs nye bog hedder Logbog fra et livsforlis. Hør ham her læse op af bogen fra Røsnæs fyr, hvor en stor del af bogen foregår.
Erik Valeur om Logbog fra et livsforlis
Logbog fra et livsforlis er Erik Valeurs nye roman, hvor drengen Viggo Larssen er hovedpersonen. Her fortæller Erik om handlingen.