Lille Allan og dobbeltgængerskolen
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Little Allan at the Doppelgänger School

Lille Allan og dobbeltgængerskolen

Peter Frödin & Line Knutzon

Little Allan lives with his father in a dreary apartment block inhabited by an assortment of odd people. His best friend is an old man living in the same block though never leaving the house. Nonetheless, Allan becomes involved in some pretty unpredictable adventures including UFOs, doppelgängers and lots of quirky characters.

Little Allan is home alone feeling scared. When he looks out the window, it seems as if there is someone there, right behind the bushes, staring straight at him. And out in the square there is an all shiny, long, black car of the sort that would normally never park in this part of town.

Little Allan goes to the hot-dog stand to buy some chips. “D’you want salt with that?” a man with long, thin fingers asks him. “Yes, please”, Little Allan replies, picking one up and dunking it in mayo. And then ... everything goes black.

When he opens his eyes, four boys are sitting by him. They look like him, all four of them. Little Allan is at the Doppelgänger School.

Little Allan is a poetic, melancholic and life-affirming story about a boy trying to find his way in life.

Illustrator John Kenn Mortensen is the creator of Sticky Monsters, available in English through Random House. John Kenn Mortensen, who also works for Dreamworks, has a large international fan base with more than two million hits on his website.
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Pages: 152
Publication Date: 24. Sep 2013
Illustrator: John Kenn Mortensen

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