Leonora Christina Skov is a writer, literary critic and public intellectual living in Copenhagen. She has a Masters of Art in Literature Science; worked as a literary critic at the daily Politiken between 2004-2006; and has worked since 2006 as a critic and columnist at Weekendavisen newspaper. She is also a regular panellist on the topical culture show ‘The Cultural Peer Review’ (Smagsdommerne) on the TV channel DR2.

Leonora Christina Skov has previously written the novels The Backstroker, Champagne Girl and Silhuette of a Sinner, the rights to which have been sold to Norway/Piratforlaget, Spain/Ediciones B and Germany/BTB Verlag. In 2010 she received the 3 year scholarship from The Danish Art Foundation (Kunstfonden).
Den der lever stille
Leonora Christina Skov indlæser selv lydbogen til Den, der lever stille, og vi besøgte hende i studiet. Her indlæser hun bogens første scenen fra morens dødsleje.