I love nem vegetarisk
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I heart Vegetarian

I love nem vegetarisk

Katrine Klinken

When you eat a vegetarian diet, it’s not enough to just eat a lot of veggies and forsake all meat and fish. The food has to be more substantial and it’s very important to make sure that your diet is varied, so your body gets the nutrients and protein it needs. Besides vegetables, it is good to eat pulses, different kinds of grains and a wide variety of nuts. Despite the many options and possibilities it is easy to get stuck in a rut making the same dishes over and over again.

The number of people who choose to become vegetarian due to animal ethics is steadily increasing, along with the number of families who decide to have one or more meat-free days a week. I Heart Vegetarian is full of inspiration for delicious dishes and tips and tricks on shortcuts to simple and good food for everyday life.

As over 1/3 of the Danish population live as singles, the healthy everyday recipes are for 2 persons. This makes it easy to use the book for those who have just moved away from home or who are the only vegetarian in the family. The book contains 80 recipes divided into Real Fast Food, Solid Salads, Soups, Killer Casseroles, Not So Fast Food, and Warm Bread. The focus in all recipes is on making tasty food with few ingredients.

Some examples of recipes are: Asparagus with poached egg, orange-butter and rye bread croutons; Curried lentils with cabbage, onions, carrots, and peas; Fresh green and dried beans marinated with garlic, shallot and marjoram; Potato salad with peas, sweetheart cabbage, cucumber, seaweed and pesto; Pumpkin soup with brown lentils, tomato and roasted pumpkin seeds; Crunchy potato-celery pancakes with sesame seeds and cheese; Moroccan aubergine salad with bread; and Burger with mushrooms, tomato and cheese.
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Pages: 184
Release Date: 2012

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