Hypokonderens død
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Death of a Hypochondriac

Hypokonderens død

Hans Davidsen-Nielsen

Morten Richter, a 47-year-old population historian, has stalled. He hates his job at the university and his life as a single father is likewise not very encouraging.

However, an assault on the metro on his way home from a night out causes his life to take a dramatic turn. He chooses to reply to a peculiar job posting, which at first leads him back in time and then into a dangerous world of intelligence.

Soon he realizes that the spy trade holds parallels to his mind with its fear of illness: At all costs, you must prevent disaster before it strikes. But that’s easier said than done when events are not always controllable. No matter how hard you try.

Or as they say: ‘The threat level remains consistently high’.
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Pages: 320
Publication Date: 04. Apr 2014

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-  Politiken
He writes with a sniper's precision for detail and with a delicate touch of humor. The novel is quietly orchestrated – at one time a chamber play and a drama – elegant and melancholic