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Under a Crying Sun - a story from Syria

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Puk Damsgård

Leading Middle East correspondent Puk Damsgård takes the reader on a rare journey behind the front lines in a war where more than 150,000 people have been killed and millions have fled. This book is her story of working as a reporter in a warzone, of being smuggled across the border to report from a country falling apart, and this is her story about human beings whose lives are lived in a permanent state of emergency. 

She follows the Syrian woman Nour who lived a carefree city life in Damascus. She drove to work in her own car and drank cocktails with her girlfriends up until Syrians in 2011 began their revolt against President Bashar al-Assad. The revolution transformed Syria into a country at war and turned Nour’s life upside down. In her passion for freedom she became involved in the Syrian revolt, but it turned out to be a nightmare. Puk Damsgård tells the poignant and horrifying tale of fighting for freedom and pursuing your love of the revolution against all odds. It is also about what happens when the struggle to stay alive overshadows the longing for democracy.

From the book
I discovered the outline of my own reflection in the red puddle, a dark shadow of myself. For a moment I could not grasp it all, the powerlessness of watching two innocent girls killed on the street. To people around me, war was a state of emergency, which their minds had become accustomed to over time - but not without consequences. Thus the brutality of the rebels and the regime came into being. There were people to whom it had become everyday to kill, punish and humiliate. In this chaos, millions of civilians were caught. It was their stories, I was here to tell. That was why I wanted to be here, even if my black shadow in the red blood was perhaps becoming a reflection of my mind.
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Pages: 268
Publication Date: 29. Aug 2014

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An outstanding and attentive book on the conflict in Syria