Hvad fætter gør er altid det rigtige
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What the Old Man Does is Always Right

Hvad fætter gør er altid det rigtige

Manu Sareen

The text of this picture book is based on a well-known fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen titled What the Old Man Does Is Always Right.

The author has moved the narrative to the Vesterbro district of present-day Copenhagen, where the main character, Osama, helps out in his father’s shop, called “The Iraqian Kioskie.” (The misspellings here, and in the rest of the text, reflect the way recent immigrants to Denmark speak the Danish language.)

The “Old Man” in the story is Wahib, who knows how to get a good deal. For that reason, he is put in charge of investing the shop’s cash. To help pay the electric bill, Wahib has to finagle his way through the numerous options available in Vesterbro, even though he doesn’t possess the abilities of a true hustler. But it all ends well. Because of good family ties, Osama ends up earning both loving kisses and high praise.

This is an Easy-To-Read book, intended for beginning readers. The text is set in two columns with large type.
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Pages: 32
Publication Date: 14. Mar 2014
Illustrator: Rasmus Bregnhøi

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