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The Green Kitchen Basics

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Mikkel Maarbjerg, Nikolaj Kirk

This book will provide you with more than 400 pages of inspiration with 230 recipes. The main chapters cover: Salads; Soups; Drinks and Wild Herbs; Starters; Pies, Pate and Flan; Pasta and Noodles; Eggs and Cheese; Main Courses; Rustic Cooking; Side Dishes; Sauces, Dips and Purées, Snacks and Baking, and each individual chapter includes a wide variety of dishes: casseroles, salads, pies, pasta and noodle dishes, risottos, omelettes, falafel, spring rolls, pizzas and more.

There are dishes with tofu, beans, and lentils, as can be found in traditional vegetarian cookbooks, but these are not the key ingredients here. Instead Kirk and Maarbjerg focus on cabbage and different types of Nordic root vegetables. They have also ensured that the collection of recipes is equal parts Danish food and recipes from all over the world, as there are countries - like India - where vegetables play a predominant role in the kitchen.

Last but not least, The Green Kitchen Basics has a large encyclopaedic section, where the reader can learn more about individual vegetables, including different types of lettuce, and how to clean, cut and prepare them.

Mikkel Maarbjerg, celebrated chef, gastronomic advisor, course manager and lecturer.

Nikolaj Kirk, cook, gastronomic adventurer and advisor.
Together they run the company Kirk + Maarbjerg, which specialises in food and gastronomy consultancy, teambuilding, catering, cooking courses etc. In 2010 they wrote the book Kitchen Basics (Politikens Forlag).

The book is beautifully illustrated by photographer Christian Kjær.
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Pages: 424
Release Date: 2012

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Politiken, Kjeld Koplev
…over 230 stimulating recipes using all the green goodness of vegetables presented in the book. For once, the recipes are not repeats of already rehashed dishes or slightly tweaked copies of previous recipes. I for one am very much looking forward to trying the beet ravioli with horseradish-milk and dill … The 400 pages are bursting with a combination of generous amounts of knowledge and gastronomic imagination. We get the history behind and gastronomic insight into each vegetable and fruit category, and the book is also filled with easy-to-use practical advice … "The Green Kitchen Basics" has everything to make it a kitchen standard … Read more