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Mathilde Walter Clark

“I’m a trouble maker. That’s what I’ve always been. I make trouble. There is no reason to believe that it will ever change.“

This voice belongs to Nete Plum, 35. She lives in a Copenhagen suburb with her husband, Jan. One day she ‘accidentally’ pours boiling water on Jan and receives a mystic revelation. A few days later she loosens a board on the basement staircase. Small steps. But nevertheless suggesting some form of systematization. And it doesn’t get any better as the weeks go by.

Cast is about Nete, who sometimes accidentally hurts her husband. It is about working in something called ‘The Agency’ – and about longing to stare the Great Mystery of Life straight in the face. It all sounds very serious. And the title Cast is not a coincidence. Yet the novel is a funny take on relationships, work and friendship. And like Mathilde Walter Clark’s other books, Cast is about the quest for the only thing that really matters in life: your own soul.

Along the way we meet a colourful gallery of characters: bikers who will happily assist Nete for money; drunken Finns who are more interested in Copenhagen’s red light district than Jan’s business ideas; and ‘The Agency’s’ leg-dragging but tango-dancing icelander, Haldor, who teaches Nete about the Andalusian spirit, duende. As Nete’s friend, Pusle, likes to remind her: „Life is an eternal rain of opportunities for wisdom and enlightenment“.
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Pages: 172
Publication Date: 27. Aug 2012

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Norway / Vigmostad og Bjørke

Hissing scorn and crass humor
A funny, idiomatic and rhythmic novel
Mathilde Walter Clark masters the art of describing situations which are so absurd that you are suddenly overpowered by helpless laughter
Dagbladenes Bureau
It’s entertaining and sharp, and you are in excellent company with "Cast"