Funktionel træning
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Functional Training

Funktionel træning

Dennis Frisch, Thilde Jo Maarbjerg, Thomas Rode Andersen

Top tuned body? More muscles? Peaking metabolism, vitality and boost of energy? All this comes with Functional Training. The trio behind it featuring Thomas Rode Andersen, Thilde Jo Maarbjerg and Dennis Frisch is passionately devoted to and practising functional training – training, that mimic the movement patterns man originally used to run, jump, climb, and all in all, to survive.

The book presents ideas, inspiration and programs for functional training. Training that puts health in focus and enables you to use your body at its best so you can embrace life’s challenges and stay powerful, free and effortless. Focus is also on the key to a daily habit of training: motivation or lack of same.

Functional Training describes a wide range of exercises and comes with proposals for putting together sets to be done anywhere, any time and without using machines. 20 protein-rich and easily accessible recipes will help rebuild the muscles after exercise and ensure that the body recovers quickly.

Thomas Rode Andersen is one of Denmark’s best chefs, having worked at Michelin-starred restaurants throughout his career. Thomas Rode Andersen now focuses on his work as counsellor and front-runner with the Paleo Diet and cross-fit performance. His life story is depicted in the autobiography In His Majesty’s Service ( I kongens klæ’r) and he has written the bestsellers The Stoneage Diet and Paleo.

Thilde Jo Maarbjerg is restaurant manager, sommelier and co-author of the bestseller Paleo.

Dennis Frisch has worked many years as personal and physical trainer for athletes and teaches training for fitness instructors and personal trainers.
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Pages: 216
Publication Date: 05. Sep 2014

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Funktionel træning
Forfatter Thomas Rode viser hvordan man laver armstrækninger.
Funktionel træning
Trekløveret Thomas Rode Andersen, Dennis Frisch og Thilde Jo Maarbjerg har i bogen Funktionel Træning sat fokus på, hvordan det er muligt ved hjælp af funktionel træning - en træning, der efterligner de bevægemønstre, mennesket oprindeligt brugte for at kunne løbe, springe, klatre og i det hele tage overleve - at Read more
Funktionel træning
Divebombers kombinerer træning af skuldrene og brystet til en bevægelse.