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The Curse


Peter Tudvad

The Curse is the dramatic story of Søren Kierkegaard, the brilliant and mad master thinker, whose passionate focus on the “single individual” and the necessity to “imitate Christ” revolutionised philosophy and shook theology to its core. In the tradition of Dostoyevsky and Kafka, The Curse places its main character in a universe where crime and punishment, sin and mercy constantly fluctuate between reality and illusion, so the reader is dragged into Kierkegaard’s meditations and takes part in his existential battle with God and humanity.

In this respect The Curse is a theological novel, but exactly as such it provides a psychological portrait of a human who with tragic pathos put heaven and earth in motion in order to find the truth he could live and die for. Kierkegaard’s opponents, Bishop Mynster and Professor Martensen, his unhappy love for Regine, his brother Peter, and his friend Emil are represented together with many other characters in this great tale of veneration and perversion, murder and perjury, the falsification of the gospel by the church – and of a shepherd boy’s fateful cursing of God. Læs mere
Pages: 416
Publication Date: 16. Apr 2013

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This novel is impressing, voluminous and filled with insight, a beautiful fruit of a lifelong passion for this material
Berlingske Tidende
A masterpiece … Tudvad has given new life to [Kierkegaard] and made him present as a person and as one of the world’s greatest thinkers
Nordjyske Stiftstidende
A big, insightful work
Tudvad is so infatuated in Kierkegaard that he manage to understand him well. He has enough madness to contain this mad man, and at the same time he is doubtful and ironic so he can hold a reflective distance to the suffering Søren
A tour de force. As a hybrid between a novel and a biography this book demands a lot of its readers, but it is worth all the efforts