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Death of a ladies man


Leonora Christina Skov

Throughout the 90s and well into the new millennium, Nat Kaminski was the unrivalled king of novelists and famous around the world for his self-exposing erotic trilogy. But now inspiration and the readers have left him. When his punk-rocker girlfriend, Veronica Lake, also leaves him, he heads straight towards his own personal nuclear meltdown in Berlin. At the airport he chances upon the possibility of a pity fuck, but the woman neither wants to pity nor fuck him. Maybe she is dangerous and wanted by the police. Or maybe she’s just a jinx with a penchant for Hermés brand goods. While Nat rants and raves against the feminists, the publishing business and his fellow writers, Veronica is tracing the life of her long lost grandmother, who was shut up at the State Hospital in Vordingborg for years.

Death of a Ladies Man is a story about family, ruin, sex and love. A hard-hitting, touching and witty portrait of four people too disillusioned to live and too self-obsessed to die.
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Pages: 406
Publication Date: 13. Sep 2012

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Germany / BTB Verlag