Europas kronprinsesser
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The Crown Princesses of Europe

Europas kronprinsesser

Karen Seneca, Ravnsborg (Jim Lyngvild)

The book tells the story of seven very different women: Victoria from Sweden, Mette-Marit from Norway, Maxima from the Netherlands, Letizia from Spain, Mathilde from Belgium, British Catherine and Denmark’s own Mary.

They are hard-working, intelligent women, who don’t silently sit at the top of a pedestal while being catered to on hand and foot. Most of them are not afraid to speak up on matters close to their heart, and they have a professional attitude to their work and their role. A role which is relatively new in the history of the European monarchies. All of them are extremely popular members of the royal families in their countries. Despite their individual differences, they have one thing in common: they are the future queens of Europe.

The many pictures throughout the book show the princesses in both formal and more private situations.

Jim Lyngvild is an author, fashion commentator and sartorial jack-of-all-trades. He originally trained to be a designer and has published several books on royal style – most recently There’s something about Mary in collaboration with Karen Seneca, who is a professional journalist. She has written several books and is today a full-time author and columnist.
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Pages: 288
Release Date: 2012

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