Én gang morder
Læs uddrag
Once a Murderer

Én gang morder

Eva Maria Fredensborg

A Danish psychiatrist comes to Småland, ­Sweden to teach a summer course, but when he wakes up the next morning, there is a white envelope on the doorstep of the rented house. It contains a photograph of a serial killer who took his own life while he was under the care of the psychiatrist twenty years prior. The next morning a woman is found murdered.

What looks like an ideal case for the Danish profiler, Robert Strand, quickly develops into a nightmare, as it turns out that he only has five days to prevent the serial killer’s copy cat from striking again. This is Eva Maria Fredensborg’s debut. Læs mere
Pages: 352
Publication Date: 01. Sep 2014

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GERMANY / Goldmann
ITALY / Atmosphere Libri
-  Politiken
A masterful plot and a string of interesting characters. There are no quiet passages in the book, it is constantly evolving, keeping pace and power. And well written in a simple, unaffected manner. All in all a very good experience - a modern and captivating thriller
-  Femina
Eva Maria Fredensborg writes well and easily ... an excellent and thorough crime debut
A number of Swedish authors have tried to write lucrative homeland novels without succeeding even half as good as Eva Maria Fredensborg