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Dead Man's Bay


Thomas Rathsack

Greenland is in the grip of the harshest winter in a decade. Special forces soldier Michael Plessner has settled down in the capital city, Nuuk, after a personal tragedy. A unit from the elite Sirius Patrol is reported missing,
presumed frozen to death in a violent snowstorm. One of the missing men is a former special forces soldier, and Plessner’s best friend. Maliki, a female geologist and leader of an expedition, comes into possession of information that indicates he is still alive, and that the snowstorm wasn’t the true cause of the unit’s disappearance. Determined not to let down his friend, Plessner travels with Maliki to the world’s largest national park to look for him – but soon discovers that someone is intent on sabotaging their rescue mission
at any cost. He and Maliki are sucked into a murky world of drug dealers, corrupt politicians, a crime syndicate and a foreign intelligence agency, all of which turn out to be controlled by the same cynical and greedy power.
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Pages: 384
Publication Date: 17. Nov 2015

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Dødemandsbugten er tredje bind i Thomas Rathsacks thrillerserie om jægersoldaten Michael Plessner.