Dig, mig og lama
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You, Me and Lama

Dig, mig og lama

Lars Daneskov

Anton is totally fed up with his mother. All she does is constantly go on about cheese and spend time kissing and smooching with Pappa from Pappa’s Pizza. Now she’s even started to sing opera. It really couldn’t get any worse. This prompts Anton to run away from home with his best friend Molly and is the start of a wild
adventure. On their way, the two adventurers encounter a dancing fishmonger with a cowboy hat and pigtails, a bank manager, who isn’t actually a bank manager and a used lama that can’t spit, but does have a very gassy stomach.
And of course, not forgetting Mum’s old friend;  the world-famous star and tenor Antonio Gekko, who has a terrible plan.

YOU , ME AND LAMA is the third book about Anton, Mum, Molly, Pappa and the others from the
Cheese Shop, which is right next to Pappa’s Pizza and opposite Torben’s Ladieswear. The first book
FAITH, HOPE AND GORGONZOLA received the Danish School Librarian’s Award for Children’s
Book of the Year in 2013 and has been likened to Astrid Lindgren, Bjarne Reuter and Ole Lund
Kirkegaard. In 2014, the second book in the series was published, COOTIES AND BINGOWINGS,
which was awarded a five-star rating in the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet.
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Pages: 160
Publication Date: 06. Feb 2015
Illustrator: Pernille Lykkegård

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-  Politiken, Lars Daneskov