Det syvende barn
Læs uddrag
The Seventh Child

Det syvende barn

Erik Valeur

At birth the seven children have only two things in common: They all come into the world in Maternity Ward B at the National Hospital in Copenhagen, and they are all given up for adoption. In the following months, the women who run Kongslund, the famed orphanage, find new families for the children in different parts of Denmark. They grow up without the slightest clue about their past.

Many years later an anonymous letter is sent to a down-and-out journalist at a failing newspaper. The letter reveals that one of the seven children carries a secret, and someone has done everything possible to keep that secret hidden. When the story is made public, it brings explosive consequences. Could it be that for the past fifty years the prestigious orphanage has been covering up the love affairs of wealthy and famous Danes, hiding scandalous liaisons that took place at the highest levels of society?

The seven adopted children, now adults, are swept up in the search to uncover their past. At the same time, they are desperately trying to figure out which of them is the seventh child, and what could be the nature of the secret that person holds.

The Seventh Child is the story of how this mystery is unraveled — and about the bond between the seven children, whose lives end up inextricably linked during the decades when the social welfare system was established in Denmark, from the 1960s until the present.

Winner of The Danish Bank Debutant Price 2011, Winner of Weekendavisens Litteraturpris 2011, Winner of The Harald Mogensen Price 2012 The National Danish Broadcasting Company’s Best Novel Award 2012, The Glass Key Award 2012
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Pages: 696
Publication Date: 19. Aug 2011

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-  Berlingske Tidende
Erik Valeur’s gripping and dramatic debut novel . . . is phenomenal!
-  Nordjyske Stiftstidende
Seldom have I read a book put together like such an exquisitely intricate mosaic as this first novel
-  Jyllands-Posten
Valeur demonstrates great technical prowess and a sense for suspense as he unfolds his plot
Entertaining and exciting. It’s well written and linguistically imaginative, with a touch of pastiche perfectly suited to the Gothic storyline!
A novel so good that you’ll look forward to reading it again