The White Darkness

Det hvide mørke

Eva Maria Fredensborg

When the evolutionary biologist and writer Emma van der Klein discovers that the man she had called granddad her whole life isn't biologically related to her, her curiosity is aroused: perhaps, after all, there is an explanation for her introversion and her passion for science.
She packs a bag and drives to Southern Jutland to meet the man responsible for a quarter of her genetic material, but it soon transpires that Harald Eskildsen isn't the kindl old granddad Emma had imagined.
He is a go-getting entrepreneur with a somewhat eccentric lifestyle, but he was once also remanded into custody for killing someone, and when he refuses to talk about it Emma begins to hunt for answers: what kind of person is he? Why did he disappear out of her father's life? And what happened that night almost fifty years ago, when his best friend lost his life?

The White Darkness is a story about family secrets, about the way in which the past literally shapes our lives and about a young woman who chooses to plant her own family tree.
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Pages: 328
Publication Date: 03. Mar 2016

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GERMANY / Goldmann
ITALY / Atmosphere Libri
-  Kristeligt Dagblad
A thoughtful novel ... At the same time you must rejoice Fredensborgs clear language, her ability to create psychologically believable characters and a plot well spun.
-  Bognørden
An original and certainly different novel. If you are into family secrets and relationships, then The White Darkness is a good choice for an entertaining spring read.
Vild med krimi
It is - excuse my language - damn well written and engaging in a whimsical way ... The language is refined, and I mean that in a positive sense, refined as in exquisite and elegant.