Den stjålne vej
Læs uddrag
The Stolen Road

Den stjålne vej

Anne-Cathrine Riebnitzsky

In the autumn of 2008 three Afghani lives intertwined in the war.

Malika is the daughter of a famous mullah, and a modern woman trapped in a traditional world. She is secretly running reading-courses for a number of Afghan women in the town of Gereshk, but she is also looking out for the interests of women and children in other ways. One day she finds a boy living the streets, who has been raped by the police. Malika makes a stand against the corrupt police officers of the town, but it’s a cause most people consider to be lost before Malika has even begun. At the same time a group of Taliban soldiers capture the engineer Khan. The Taliban wants to kill him in order to stop him building a tarmac road between Kandahar and Gereshk. Khan invokes the help of Allah Himself and challenges the Taliban. Armed with theological arguments and an extensive knowledge of Islam, Khan manages to shift the Taliban soldiers’ perception of Islam.

The novel is based on real events.

Winner of the Debutant Prize 2012

Shortlisted for the National Danish Broadcasting Company's Best Novel Award

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Pages: 320
Publication Date: 22. May 2012

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-  Jyllands-Posten
Well told and fascinating
-  Dagbladenes Bureau
A topical and necessary novel
-  Femina
-  Politiken
A book so good it’s not necessary to be interested in Afghanistan to read it; you just need to like to read about human destinies. Read, read, read!