OXEN - De mørke mænd
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The Oxen Trilogy: Dark Men

OXEN - De mørke mænd

Jens Henrik Jensen

Niels Oxen, Denmark’s highest decorated soldier ever, lives and works under Romanian identity at a remote fish farm in Jutland. The post-traumatic stress syndrome suffering veteran lives in a state of constant alertness: he has a secret that keeps him alive – but it might also kill him. When a curator is murdered in a castle and the Danish Minister of Justice is involved, an avalanche of violent events is set in motion. Only few people spot the connection to Oxen. One of them is his old partner Margrethe Franck from the Police Intelligence Force. When she finally manages to locate him, she seals his fate.

Suddenly Oxen finds himself in the middle of a manhunt. Some will help him. Some will kill him. But who is friend and who is foe? Franck and Oxen are reunited against the dark men who hold the power. For the haunted war veteran there are only two options: go get them or go down.

Dark Men is the second book in the trilogy on Niels Oxen. The third and final book, Frozen Flames, will be published in Denmark in September 2016.
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Pages: 416
Publication Date: 04. Sep 2014

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-  litteratursiden.dk
I highly recommend Jens Henrik’s novel. It is enticingly exciting.
-  Jydske Vestkysten
It is a pleasure reading Jens Henrik Jensen’s novels
-  Jyllands-Posten
The second volume of Jens Henrik Jensen’s trilogy on Danehof is a blazing manhunt, where conspiracies and veteran’s politics come together.
-  Nordjyske Stiftstidende
Exquisite excitement; well-written and thoroughly researched
-  Vejle Amts Folkeblad
"The Dark Men" is a good, solid tale where the ­author manages to build up the tension and spellbind the reader all along