De hængte hunde
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The Oxen Trilogy: Hangdogs

De hængte hunde

Jens Henrik Jensen

The most highly decorated soldier in Denmark’s history, Niels Oxen, scrapes through life in a gritty neighbourhood of Copenhagen. The traumatised war veteran makes ends meet by collecting bottles for change during the day and dumpster diving by night. Hoping to escape his inner demons, the retired Elite Soldier relocates to Northern Jutland together with his dog, setting up camp deep in Rold Forest in a bid to live the simple life.

But the dream turns into a nightmare for Niels Oxen. After a night-time visit to a medieval castle on the edge of the forest, he is suddenly suspected of the murder of the castle’s owner, a former ambassador and founder of an influential think tank. The Danish Security and Intelligence Service appears remarkably quickly, and before the pressured war veteran has time to blink, he has been sucked into the investigation of a string of mysterious murders. Murders that seemingly only have one thing in common: hanged dogs…

The unorthodox Intelligence agent Margrethe Franck assist Oxen. Deliberate omissions of the truth and a general mistrust makes their partnership extremely difficult, but slowly they fall into step in the hunt for the murderers, even as the motive for the crime remains completely in the dark.

Hangdogs is the first volume in a series featuring the traumatised war veteran Niels Oxen. The first three volumes in the series have individual story lines – but are tied together by an overreaching plot: the veteran’s struggle for rehabilitation, and his battle with a secret power elite that have roots stretching all the way back to the Danes Court, the medieval Danish parliament.

Frozen Flames, the third book, will be published in Denmark in September 2016.
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Pages: 416
Publication Date: 18. Sep 2012

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NORWAY / Norsk Aschehoug
POLAND / Helion
THE CZECH REPUBLIC / Dobrovský s.r.o.
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Good Company Film
-  Jyske Medier
There has probably never been written a Danish thriller in the level that Jens Henrik Jensen delivers with "Hangdogs"
-  Jydske Vestkysten
... you have to remind yourself it IS only a story, isn’t it?
-  Jyllands-Posten
-  Politiken
… adept and entertaining, delivered in Jens Henrik Jensen’s solid style
A milestone in Danish crime literature