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Den er go' i ørerne

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Chilli Klaus has an undying love of chilli peppers. Each one hotter than the next. In 2008 he planted his first chilli seed and today the chilli fills up his home. “It’s almost like being an explorer when growing chillies – they come in all sizes, colours and shapes,” says Chilli Klaus.

In 2013, Chilli Klaus started posting a string of YouTube videos, which let viewers indulge in the sight of him consuming a variety of the world's strongest chillis. The concept went viral in earnest after he began inviting different Danish celebrities to join him, one suffering more than the other through the attempt to ingest the hot peppers.

The many varieties of chilli available on the Danish market today are in stark contrast to the few chillies, you could get hold of merely a few years ago – before Chilli Klaus made his first video. All supermarkets and garden centres in Denmark are reporting a huge interest in the strong fruit. Therefore, it seemed natural that the man, who started the chilli revolution in Denmark should write a book on the subject.

In the book, Chilli Klaus has gathered all his knowledge of chilli, chilli cultivation and of course chilli tasting. With its science-like layout, the book also contains information about the different species and varieties.

Releasing his book in Denmark, Chilli Klaus invited 1,000 people to join him in the world’s largest chilli tasting so far. They came, they had their chillies, and then ... the chilli had its say.

The whole thing was caught on film and is broadcast via YouTube making the whole world follow this viral phenomenon: “1000 people eat 1000 ghost chillies”. So far, it has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube and shown on American, Brazilian and Italian TV.
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Pages: 152
Publication Date: 06. Jun 2014

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