A Children's Baking Book

Børnenes bagebog

Katrine Klinken, Katrine Klinken

A Children's Baking Book is intended for children who want to learn to bake. It is a clear and simple book with seventyfive recipes for delicious baked goods, aimed at children and other beginners.

Featuring classics like sourdough rye bread, traditional, quick-bake birthday buns, layer cakes, hamburger buns, pretzels, Danish wreath cakes, Christmas biscuits and recipes with variations so that the same dough can be used for different cakes, A Children's Baking Book also includes a section with new, popular recipes for raspberry slices, cake pops, macaroons, ryebread rolls with chocolate and hazelnuts, and more.

The book features helpful tips as well as clear, step-by-step instructions explaining some of the techniques. Each recipe is clearly marked as easy, intermediate or difficult to make.
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Pages: 192
Release Date: 2015

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