Anna Bogdanova works as personal trainer, coach and health journalist specializing in body transformation through proven, down to earth strategies. In her writing she passes on her extensive knowledge of human physiology in a clear and effective plan that revitalizes the slightly sluggish and slow or stagnant combustion.

She has studied processes of change at Copenhagen Business School and as Senior Trainer at Z-Health Performance, which is a higher education within applied neurology and movement. Her understanding of the neural and physiological stress mechanisms makes it possible to tailor the training and lifestyle strategies to suit even the most hectic everyday lives, which strengthens the body rather than breaking it down.

Anna has done powerlifting competitively and with her Russian background, she has gained insight into the most effective strategies to create a strong and vital body, as the Russians are way ahead of the West in relation to exercise science. In addition, she has for years been trend-spotter and training expert for a large number of women’s magazines in Denmark.
Anna Bogdanova præsenterer sin nye bog VELDEJET
Hør Anna Bogdanova fortælle om sin nye bog Veldrejet
I bogen fokuserer Anna Bogdanova på, hvordan man kan ommøblere sin krop og få en veldrejet timeglasfigur med slank talje og smukke balder. 
Med 1 times effektiv ugentlig træning suppleret af god træningskost bygger lover Anna Bogdanova dig en flot silhuet med feminine og stærke kurver.

Annas træningsprogrammer og principper er allerede testet af over 2000 kvinder, som alle har fået en sundere og også gladere krop.
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