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Alvin's Goodbye

Alvins farvel

Manu Sareen

One day Alvin finds his bunny Molly lying totally still on the bottom of her cage. Molly with her long soft ears, which can point straight up like two antennas. Molly, who he can tell everything. She is dead. Daddy and Alvin put her in a box and bury her in the yard, down by the playhouse.

By night Alvin’s head is filled with thoughts and he cannot sleep. What happens when you die? Do you turn into dust like Molly will in the garden? And if Molly can die so suddenly what about Granny – or Mom or Dad?

Alvin’s Goodbye is a poetic and unsentimental story for children and their parents about the biggest and most difficult questions in life. Læs mere
Pages: 32
Publication Date: 14. Aug 2014

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Alvins farvel
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