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The Alphabet House


Jussi Adler-Olsen

During World War II, two British pilots, James and Bryan, are shot down over Germany. They know that they will be executed if captured. With an enemy patrol in pursuit, they manage to jump aboard a train reserved for senior SS soldiers wounded on the Eastern Front. In a moment of desperation, they throw two patients off the train and take their places, hoping to escape later. Instead, they end up in the Alphabet House, a mental hospital located far behind enemy lines, where German doctors subject their patients to daily rounds of shock treatments and experimental drugs. Their only hope of survival is to fake insanity until the war ends. But soon James and Bryan realize they are not the only ones in the Alphabet House feigning madness. Læs mere
Pages: 656
Publication Date: 09. May 2011

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CROATIA / Znanje
HUNGARY / Animus
NORWAY / Aschehoug 
SPAIN / Maeva 
SWEDEN / Bonniers
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USA / Dutton
Extremely well-researched Danish thriller-debut of international standard
Academy Award-winning producer Just Betzer
The best film I have ever read
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… hypnotic Hitchcock-film meets John Grisham thrill-ride
One of the best that Jussi Adler-Olsen has ever written. His description of the grotesque misery of the patients in a mental hospital as a result of the war is touching and harrowing at the same time