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Jesper Stein

Deputy Police Commissioner Axel Steen is on the descent of a lifetime when his boss, Jens Jessen, receives an embarrassing hint that the Russian mafia has managed to place a mole at the center of the Danish police department. Mastering complete discretion, Jens Jessen tries to locate the snitch and soon five names appear on his list of suspects. Among them is Axel Steen, whose increasing drug abuse and close contact with the gangs of Copenhagen only help make matters worse.

While Axel is spiraling to rock bottom with feverish haste, he exceeds all his personal boundaries fighting to clear his name and save his fragile reputation. And only too late, he realizes that his ex-wife Cecilie plays a pivotal role in the case. Læs mere
Pages: 368
Publication Date: 20. Jun 2014

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CZECH REPUBLIC / Brana Publishing
NORWAY / Vigmostad & Bjørke
GERMANY / Kiepenheuer & Witsch
ITALY / Marsilio
-  Berlingske Tidende
All the old ties are loosened and tied again, all balls are up in the air, and the reader is led around in a maze of false leads and conjectures in a meshed and captivating plot. Not until the very end, it is clear what is up and down - and the disaster is looming. The word 'akrash' is Arabic slang meaning “cop”, but it is pronounced like 'a crash', and that is exactly what this third volume in the series about Axel Steen also holds. A crash, a colission, an accident. An action-related crash and to the protagonist a personal meltdown, a harsh crime-literary experience, a really good book Read more
-  Jyllands-Posten
The third novel in the series on the tough and self-destructive cop Axel Steen is nothing less than infamously exciting and masterfully well-written
-  Dagbladenes Bureau
In "Akrash" things are taken to extremes making this a crime novel that is impossible to put down once reading has commenced. Consider yourself warned, dear reader ... Jesper Stein is particularly eloquent
-  litteratursiden.dk
Stein is so sublime within the crime genre that I'll have to say: Denmark's best at the moment. Therefore, the wait was almost unbearable and my expectations sky-high ... And let me tell you: They were completely fulfilled. I rushed through the book, partly because of the language, but certainly also because the action goes head over heels at a breathtaking pace. The language is fluent, easy to read and above all, all dialogues realistic and completely alive, whether it's the lawyer, the criminals or the police - this is sublime narrative art Read more
-  krimifan.dk
-  Politiken
Jesper Stein offers an excellent double plot with both undercover drama, butt kicking and trial procedures. In addition, he delivers spectacular bodily action ... He [writes] bloody well, tight when it comes to action, taut when it comes to both real and verbal duels between the good and the evil. " Akrash" supports the motive of declaring Jesper Stein one of Denmark’s leading writers of crime fiction with various city rat slum fish and other city slickers disguised as cops, prostitutes and pickpockets Read more
-  BT
Stein leads his knife with enormous linguistic and narrative elegance. Copenhagen has rarely been described more 'noir' than this